First Meeting Complete!

November 6, 2009

Well, the Tax Collection Committee of Bucks County had it’s first meeting last night, 11/5/09.  The meeting was started by Commissioner Martin and acting COO Brian Hessenthaler.  Mike Gallagher was selected as chair, Cynthia Philo as vice chair, and Robert Pellegrino as Secretary.

The committee was given a short presentation on Act 32 by David Matyas.  The committee then talked about the need for more education around Act 32 and what the TCC will need to do.  It was agreed that we will reach out to DCED for further education at a next meeting in January.  Gail Weniger offered to host the meeting at the Warwick Township building, and Cynthia offered to look into the need to advertise the meeting in a newspaper.

The committee also talked about the creation of bylaws.  It was decided that a small group would focus on studying the bylaws, while the entire committee would make themselves familiar with DCED’s recommended bylaws before the next meeting.

We began a long process last night, but everyone seemed very intent on making sure that the best interests of their municipality or school district was served with the Act 32’s countywide collection of Earned Income Taxes.



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