Request for proposal to go out 5/7/10!

May 6, 2010

TCC members,

In tomorrow’s paper there will be a legal notice of the Request for Proposals for the tax collection agency for the Bucks County TCD.  This is a huge step in this process, and I think we’ve all done a great deal of work to get here.  Thanks to everyone for all the homework they did, and the valuable input that got us to this point.

I’ve posted the Legal Ad, the Request for Proposal, and the draft Agreement on the website for you to download.  The RFP and Agreement are the documents that we got consensus on during last week’s meetings.

(7/5/10) – Links removed from copyrighted materials.  Please contact for this info.

I look forward to seeing the Proposals that come in, and I’ll make sure you know as much as I do during this period.

Thanks again.


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